English: A download symbol.

Suppose that you have no external downloaders (plenty of them) installed and yet you are in need of downloading a video. What do you do?

Here is a simple method which you can use. I’ll assume you use Chrome..

1) Go to youtube.com browse for the required video and ALLOW IT TO STREAM FOR SOME TIME. 

2) Now right click and select Inspect Element or alternatively you can just do ctrl+shift+i.

3) Now go to the Networks tab. There are a lot of things (downloads etc., rather) happening but we are concerned with the “videoplayback” found in Name Path column.

4)Now right click on the “videoplayback” and select “copy link”.

5) Now open an editor and paste the link. Now look for the word “range” (Use FIND, for obvious reasons!)..

6) Now delete the words starting from “range” till you encounter an “&”.

7) Now copy this new link paste it in your browser.!!!