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Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

Arjen Lenstra is one of the top computational number theorists in the world, especially on the state-of-the-art in integer factoring. For example, he helped create the best general factorization method known to date—the number field sieve—see here for a previous discussion. Also he was one of the authors of the great paper that introduced the LLL lattice algorithm, which was joint work with one of his brothers, Hendrik Lenstra, and also with László Lovász.

Today we wish to add some potential considerations to the discussion of Lenstra’s recent paper on why RSA public keys deployed in practice are sometimes breakable. Ken and I do not know whether they actually apply, but there are some reasonable questions to ask, and a tie-in to general problems in number theory.

The paper is joint work with James Hughes, Maxime Augie, Joppe Bos, Thorsten Kleinjung, and Christophe Wachter, and bears the title, “Ron was…

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